COLARIS is a comprehensive remediation and treatment system that provides assessment and remediation service related to contaminations that arise from mining, industrial, as well as landfill and dumpsite activities. It can be divided into two groups, and are explained as follows :


Contaminated Land Site Assessment




The contaminated land site assessment involves preliminary assessment as well protrusive assessment which requires development of monitoring wells, soil investigations, monitoring works, lab test, etc. It is conducted to determine the condition of the site and its surroundings before any remediation activities can be designed and implemented.




colaris_1a.jpgOur remediation works can be divided into three parts, on-site remediation (in situ zone remediation, containment, protection, pathway prediction and fate of offsite receptors), off-site remediation (zone remediation, containment and protection) as well as special collection and disposal services (on-site and off-site soil treatment).