Environmental Engineering & Solutions

Environmental Engineering & Solutions

Environmental Engineering & Solutions segment provides services in contaminated ground assessment, remediation, restoration and information system. Cypark undertakes the effort to minimise or avoid the impact of climate change to the local and global environment by offering broad range of integrated services which include preservation, prevention, containment and treatment procedures and technologies with proper application of scientific and engineering principle of Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) Approach.

We develop wholistic and innovative approaches that offer solutions to our clients including sanitary landfills, inert landfills, secured landfills, waste management facilities, safe closure of dump sites, waste water treatment, and upgrading of existing landfills and other waste management facilities.

Our integrated services offer not only technical but also financial solution to make sure the implementation of the projects is feasible and fast tracked. As part of the global sustainability programme, the Company provides opportunity for the clients to embark into remedial and restoration of land from contaminated or degraded sites into renewable energy parks and green technology projects.

Our experienced team has to date successfully completed more than 600 acres of remediation and restoration work of contaminated ground spanning over 20 landfill projects across the country.

Cypark offers clients with innovative and cutting-edge solutions. The overall end goal is to provide solutions to challenging environmental problems and impacts, reduce health and safety hazards to the public, and safeguard the natural environment, subsequently minimises the inherent risks from the contaminated land to contaminants released into the surrounding.