Green Technology

Green Technology

Green Technology Segment is Cypark's latest strategic focus, through which the Company offers to develop new and pioneering technology and solutions derived from its other already successful business segments.

World Population Data Sheet has indicated that the world population is expected to be 9.9 billion by 2050. As the population increases, the needs for energy will rise. This calls for efforts in efficient energy and energy storage.

Cypark has identified opportunities to develop Net Energy Metering (NEM) Project as offered by Malaysia's SEDA, Energy Effienciency Project and Energy Storage Technology to manage supply of electricity in creating a more flexible and strong energy infrastructure and energy from diesel replacement projects.

Cypark has also successfully manufactured and exported Biomass Solid Fuel (BSF) from Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB). This BSF is currently marketed and sold overseas replacing fossil fuels such as coal in the process of producing heat to produce electricity.

With its strong financial position, Cypark is able to offer to its customers Project Finance Initiative (PFI) Leasing Programs with the aim of providing a Zero Cost Entry to participate in the Renewable Energy Projects and Green Technology Projects.

Various initiatives and support from the government boost the growth of green technology sector for the future. Cypark remains committed in this concerted national effort in contributing to a better living quality.