Integrated Waste Management

Integrated Waste Management

Environmentally unfriendly waste management practices have been attributed globally as one of the major causes of pollution. Urbanisation and population growth have made proper waste management to be very critical to ensure the sustainability of our environment. Our Group has the experience, expertise and resources to help the government in implementing sustainable waste management policy that encompasses the following areas:


Tansfer Station


ts-01.jpgWe have the capability to plan, design, construct and operate modern waste transfer station facilities that handles various types of wastes which includes bulky, domestic, green as well as commercial. Our experience and track record in the area is supported by our involvement in the planning and development of the proposed Southern Kuala Lumpur Transfer Station project in Kg Bohol, Kuala Lumpur.



Material Recovery/Recycling Facility


Our Group also has the expertise to plan, design, construct and operate a modern material recovery/ recycling facility that is capable to handle various types of wastes which include bulk, domestic, mixed and commercial.



Sanitary Landfill


Landfills have been one of the methods used to dispose waste in countries where land is available. Over the years, we have been exposed to various aspects of the landfill segment which has provided us with the experience to provide planning, design and construction of sanitary landfills (including inert or sanitary landfill). Services provided also include site identification as well as conducting various forms of environmental impact assessment study.





EMCEL_chart.pngEMCEL is an environmentally sustainable service offered to owners of dumpsites and landfills (i.e. local authorities) to mitigate any environmental, health as well as safety risks in complying with the prescribed environmental legislation and local regulations. It is designed to extend the operational lifespan of these existing dumpsites and landfills while long term solutions such as new sanitary landfills are being planned and developed.



Collection and Disposal


Our integrated waste management service also extends to the provision of collection and disposal of certain types of wastes which include green waste, bulky waste and industrial/ commercial waste.



O&M ofvWaste Facility


In addition to designing and building waste management facilities, we are also capable of operating and maintaining landfills, material recovery facilities and transfer solutions.