Landfill Restoration

Landfill Restoration

Landfill operation without thorough and proper environmental management in place can create major environmental nightmare and nuisances, such as ground water and surface water pollution, fires, odour, noise, dust, pests and air-borne vectors. Major environmental consequences include generation of high concentration leachate and landfill gas that pose great environmental, health and safety risks to the neighbouring land and surrounding habitat (receptors), as well as contaminates our valuable surface and groundwater resources. Besides that, stability of landfills remains a critical factor. Slope stability failures and fires at landfills have resulted in many well-publicised incidents that involved loss of lives and damages to properties. These include reported incidents of fires at the Taman Beringin landfill prior to remediation on 16 February 2004 in the Sun newspaper. As such, safe landfill closures and rehabilitation of landfills that have reached their economic lifecycle is increasingly becoming critical for the well-being of communities.




SER System



Our Group has developed the SER System which combined technologies and 

 engineering expertise internally to design and build landfill closure system that mitigate or eliminate the impact of harmful pollutants to the environment and surrounding ecology and habitat. Using this system, environmental measures are conducted, including a series of site assessments, lab tests, design and installation of carefully engineered impermeable capping layer, leachate collection and management system, and landfill gas collection system. The diagrams below illustrate the difference of a landfill without the SER System and one with the system.






Leachate Management System



The leachate management system developed by our Group is a comprehensive management system that can be adopted either by a new sanitary or a closed landfill. With a tested leachate management system, our Group is able to establish critical parameters of leachate pollution and develop a site sensitive model which is used to design leachate collection, containment and treatment system. The picture below shows a leachate management system that we constructed for the Taman Beringin Safe Landfill Restoration project in Kuala Lumpur.






Landfill Gas Management System 


lgms_1.jpgOur landfill gas management system is used to assess landfill gas generation and manage effectively the harmful emission to the atmosphere and to prevent sub-surface migration. The landfill gas management system constructed will use either a passive gas venting or an active extraction system. The pictures below show some of our past constructions of the landfill gas management system.








Leachate Evaporation System


leachate-02.jpgOur leachate evaporation system utilises an in-house developed thermal technology. It is designed to minimise the cost of operating a landfill, in particular the leachate treatment system. The landfill gas released is flared and the heat is used to evaporate the leachate.