Research & Development

Research & Development

Policy on R & D

We engage in R&D activities as our Group is principally 
a service provider, in the provision of environmental technology and engineering solutions as well as integrated landscape services. We realise the importance of R&D and 
its contribution in ensuring that our solutions are relevant to local conditions and needs hence making our services highly sought after. There are four (4) specific personnel who is involved full time in R&D activities. Examples of R&D activities conducted are research in the groundwater contamination caused by landfills, development of emergency response treatment unit, and leachate evaporator system, landfill gas migration, and plant materials for export purposes.

Realising the importance of R&D, our Group’s research activities are directly put under the purview of our Group CEO, Encik Daud bin Ahmad. Most of the researches are carried out within specific project environment as this is deemed the best way to understand the real problems, needs and peculiarities identified in the project.


In-house Developed Technology

This is the most common type of research and development activity conducted by our Group. By leveraging on the technical expertise of our partners namely Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG and Enviros Consulting Ltd, we have developed environmental technologies tailored made to local conditions. The said partners have been engaged to provide consulting services for projects undertaken by our Group. However due to that fact the local conditions are usually different from the conditions of the developed countries, it is very critical that we are able to develop the technology so it can work in our local environment and meet the local environmental and functional requirements. As such, we are of the opinion that we do not face any risk on infringement of intellectual property rights. In such cases, our Group focuses on ways to provide better quality products and services, at a lower cost and as well as a more rapid delivery time.


R & D of New Solutions/Ideas

In the provision of both landscape and environmental services, there is always a need to offer our existing/potential clients with more efficient and effective solutions. By continuously developing new ideas and solutions for our clients, our Group can strategically weather any competition.

In some cases, landscape or environmental projects are intentionally initiated by our Group from the start. We embark on this push marketing strategy due to the general lack of awareness among our prospects in utilising environmental and landscaping to maximise the potential value and increase the appeal of their property. We believe that we stand 
to gain advantage by seizing the initiative in promoting environmental and landscaping services to potential clients - increasing our chances of securing project contracts from them.